Monday, April 25, 2011

Looking for a Yoga Class in Dunedin, New Zealand?

Are you looking for a Yoga class or course in Dunedin, New Zealand? Well, a friend of mine that I met at the Sivananda Ashram in India is giving a classic hatha yoga class starting the 9th of May (updated June-19: Her course went so well that she is opening a new class during July). Jasmin Amrita is a Sivananda trained Master of Yoga. She teaches around the world, including residencies in Taranaki, Canada and India. She is an amazing and dedicated teacher.
Her classes can be are very relaxing and meditative. For more details just read below (update June-09-12: since April 2012 Amrita has been teaching Yoga in Boudha, Kathmanu, Nepal)

Course Content:

  • Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures): For fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Breathing Exercises (Pranayamas): To cleanse and to develop an inner sense of focus and calm
  • Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle: Integrate a yogic attitude into your everyday life to reduce stress

Course dates and time

8 classes over 4 weeks $95

A: starts Mon 4th July
Mons and Weds 5:30 - 7pm

B: starts Tues 5th July
Tues and Thurs 10 - 11:30am

C: starts Tues 5th July
Tues and Thurs 4:30 - 6pm

#9 King Edward Court, Stuart St, Dunedin Central, New Zealand


If you are interested in joining this course and follow Hatha Yoga classes in Dunedin, New Zealand with Amrita then contact her at:

4717072 / 0211444219
sivanandayogadunedin @

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