Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video: Babaji's Cave, the Pandavkholi Dharamshala and Kukuchina.

This is a short video made of several random videos that I took during my visit to Mahavatar Babaji's Cave, the Pandavkholi Dharamshala and Kukuchina in North India. It is kind of a summary to the last three posts that I wrote. If you want to understand the video then maybe is better that you take a look at the posts as well:


  1. Sir, this was a wonderful video clip with annotations....really enjoyed watching. I have visited Babaji's cave. I was eagerly looking for something more on Babaji.... I think I will read the blog...rgds
    (think you have seen my video clip on Babajai cave too)...

  2. Dear Yogivar, thanks for your comment and for reading my blog. Yes I have also seen your video, very nice!

  3. Hi Marco! This was really a nice video of our trip to Babji's cave.It would be nice if you send some photo's of that trip in my account
    Gourav (that guy in pink shirt in your video)
    Jai Guru!