Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Life in Arugam Bay - Learning to Enjoy Each Moment to the Fullest

*Driving a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka*
A few days after I arrived in Arugam Bay I met a super nice dude from France, David, while I was renting a board to go surfing. We immediately became surf buddies and everyday for almost fifteen days until he had to leave we shared a tuk-tuk to go surfing together. We found a really nice tuk-tuk driver, Jassin, and we drove with him almost everyday until Chili's pizzeria opened. Yeah, Jassin is not only a tuk-tuk driver but also a Pizza Chef!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding a Destination and Dealing with the Unknown

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
I've been living for the past four months in Arugam Bay, a popular surf destination in Sri Lanka. Now I feel it's time to hit the road again but before telling you about all the cool things that I've been doing here let me tell you how it all started.