Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 10 days Vipassana Meditation Retreat: sharing the experience

Think about this. Ten days of silence: no books, no writing, no music, no talking. Ten days of doing nothing but meditation, meditation and meditation for about ten hours a day. Isn't that awesome? That's the Vipassana Meditation retreat

The Vipassana Meditation Technique and Yoga Philosophy

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Without going much into detail the Vipassana meditation technique is actually a very simple technique, at least the beginning stage that you learn during the first 10 days retreat.

The Vipassana Meditation Experience: Observing the Mind

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Observing the gross reactions of the mind

The first three days everything went very smooth, I didn't have any problem at all, I found it all very easy for me. But the fourth day I started to have so much pain on my butt! actually on my right sitting bone and in just 15 or 10 minutes after sitting down for meditation.

Vipassana Meditation or Yoga? Which is the best?

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I told you! stick to one path only: A mind in conflict

Though I did enjoy a lot the retreat I did have some conflicts especially during the first days. I came to this retreat not because I wanted to learn a new meditation technique, I just wanted to have the opportunity to practice meditation as intense as possible and to develop will power
Friday, August 26, 2011

The iPhone 4: Best Travel Gadget Ever

I'm not a geek and this is certainly not a technology blog but traveling in India with an iPhone 4 has made such a big difference on my trip. It is really such a cool thing that I feel the need to share it with others. I'm sure any other smartphone would work just fine as a travel gadget, they should all perform more or less the same functions, but I've only used the iPhone 4 and I love it! And honestly, all other smartphones that I've seen looks like cheap copies of the iPhone. I prefer to go for the REAL thing.