Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Experience Teaching Yoga in Arugam Bay - The Ups and Downs

Teaching Yoga in Sri Lanka

Just a couple of days after arriving in Arugam Bay a local invited me to teach yoga at his guesthouse. He promised to build a yoga hall in just a few days and he even invited me to stay for free. It took a month and half to complete the hall, with some disagreements in between, but even after the hall was finished I had still more challenges to face.
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Making of a Yoga Hall - How an Idea Manifested in Reality

Yoga Hall in Arugam Bay

When I was about to leave India end of April last year I wasn't sure where I was gonna go next but the only thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted to teach yoga. I ended up in a place that I had never heard of before, Arugam Bay, a top surf destination in Sri Lanka, but the most important question in my mind was, "Will I find a place to teach yoga?"
Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arugam Bay Travel Guide - Top Surf Destination in Sri Lanka

Where learn to surf in Sri Lanka

(Updated Sep 2015) Paradise beaches, beautiful waves, warm seawater, no sharks, no rocks, no reefs (except at Main Point for the pros), cheap accommodation and great food. This is Arugam Bay, located on the South-East Coast of Sri Lanka, one of the top surf destinations in the world. Ideal for beginners and experienced surfers. If you are searching for where to surf in Sri Lanka then this is your spot.  Keep on reading to know how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and more.
Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Yoga of Surfing: 9 Essential Mental Habits For Beginner Surfers

The Yoga of Surfing

Learning to surf can be a fun and beautiful experience. Imagine being out there in the sea, fully present and flowing with ease, becoming one with nature, one with the waves, enjoying the sunrise, the sunset, or perhaps the beautiful rain. But the reality can be quite different, especially if you are a beginner surfer.