Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What it Takes to Follow the Path of The Heart

The Path of The Heart

To do what we would really love to do or what we believe we are meant to do is what I call To Follow The Path of The Heart. To Follow The Path of The Heart is a great journey where the rewards can be immeasurable but where the setbacks can be intimidating.

Be honest and listen to your heart

To Follow The Path of The Heart we gotta learn to listen to and feel the voice of our hearts. This means to be really honest with ourselves to find out and accept what is that that would bring us real joy, what is that that would make us really happy, what are the things that we would really love to do and then do them. We need to constantly ask ourselves if our actions are driven by fear or by the conviction that what we are doing is exactly what we love to do or what we are meant to do.

Have faith and surrender

To follow the Path of The Heart we gotta venture into the unknown. We have to risk it all, leaving all sense of comfort and security behind, allowing ourselves to become vulnerable and fragile; faith and surrender are our only weapons.

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There are no certainties, nothing is guaranteed, there are no set paths to follow because each Path of The Heart is unique. Sometimes we might even need to end relationships were we feel nurtured, protected and loved just because we know that even though we might be happy there is still something within us that needs to be discovered and released, and for that we need to let go of all sense of security and become free.

Believe in yourself

To follow The Path of the Heart we have no choice but to believe in ourselves, in what our instinct tell us to do. It doesn't matter what everybody else is saying or what everybody else is doing, we must cover our ears and listen only to our hearts. We might not be sure where exactly we are going, we might not be able to see a clear destination but what we know for sure is that we must follow our own truth, our own path, so we just keep going.

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Believe that everything is possible

To Follow The Path of The Heart we risk it all not just to live a happy life but to live an extraordinary life. We want the best of the best in life, whatever that means to each one of us. We just can't be satisfied with anything less than that because we know that in life everything is possible, abundance is everywhere.

Be ready, you will break down

Yes, following the Path of the Heart is a great honor and an adventure, but because we leave all sense of security behind there will be plenty of hard times when all of a sudden we will feel doubtful, insecure, defeated, discouraged and even useless. Sometimes our fears and doubts will hit us so hard that we will brake down and fall into pieces. Anything can trigger such an event: a bad travel experience, falling sick, an argument with a friend, a broken relationship or just a plain bad day.

"What the heck am I doing? Am really wasting my life and my time? Should I just find a safe secure job like every one else? Should I just return home to be with my friends, family and past lovers with whom I feel so comfortable or should I continue on this journey with no clear directions, with no guarantees, with no certainties?" These are the kind of questions that everyone who has decided to Follow the Path of The Heart will inevitably have to deal with at some point or another.

But you will be reborn

But these breakdowns are actually the greatest gifts of following the Path of The Heart because this path is an inner journey, a journey where our old selves will need to died so we can be reborn, so we can be transformed. These breakdowns are the times when we have no choice but to dive deep within ourselves to find the root of our doubts and fears so we can then collect all the scattered pieces and put ourselves back together.

And you will rise again

Every time we go through one of these cleansing processes we become more authentic, more open, more free from our own limitations. We discover our inner strength and we can stand up once more with the with the feet firmly grounded on earth, the heart fully open and with the sight fixed on the infinite, ready to keep going, ready to risk it all again. This is to Follow The Path of The Heart and we all have what it takes to follow it.


  1. You took the words out of my heart. It was a pleasure to read. Something every extraordinary soul can relate to. Thank you for posting.

  2. beautiful and inspiring! I know people who will benefit from reading this. Thank you so much for writing it!

  3. Great ! so beautifully articulated , yet so simple to understand . I firmly believe 'its very difficult to be simple' .