Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Iceman Words of Wisdom

I still have fresh in my memory all those nice morning and evening talks with the Iceman, it was really a fantastic week with him in his country house in Poland. Now I would like to share some of his thoughts with you.

If you seen the video of him running barefoot half a marathon in Finland at -26 Celcius (check my previous post "meeting a real yogi, The Iceman" to watch the video) you will recall that at some point in the race the doctor told him that he might loose his toes because they were almost frozen, but he decided to continue with the run. Thinking about this video I asked him - How come you decided to keep running knowing that you might loose your toes? - And he answered:
"You gotta trust your own feelings".
But he also said:
"don't be stupid, listen to what the expert have to say, but ultimately trust your own feelings".
When discussing about yoga and how he has learned it just by himself he said:
"The must important thing is practice and faith in the practice"
Quoting some sanskrit text he said:
"Without guru there is no knowledge, but the texts also say the guru is inside you. I call it feeling, it is my feeling who guides me. Learn to follow your inner guide, which is your feeling".
And a bit more of his thoughts:
"Spirit has no age"
"Don't let anybody shake your beliefs!"
"You gotta hit the snake!"
"I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid not to live"
"Sometimes you really need to challenge yourself"
I find his thoughts very inspiring, writing them down on my blog will also help me to remember them and to keep them in my mind :-)

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