Wednesday, August 11, 2010

India, I am back!

Finally, I am back! Four years ago, after my first visit to India, I promised myself that I will come back.... and now, here I am! I arrived in India just a week ago and I can barely control my excitement for all the things that I have planned to do but also for all those things that I haven't planned at all.

India has received me with open arms, I just love it.

I had already forgotten how friendly the rickshaw drivers are (even if they are trying to cheat me), how curious the street kids are, how welcoming all the shop owners are no matter how big or small the shop is.

I love the colors, the smell, the weather, the environment, the food (Oh yeah, the food) and most importantly the people. There is always something stimulating to the senses going on here.

After one night in Mumbai, my good all friend Mumbai, I took a flight with the Indian airline Kingfisher Airlines, straight to Mysore to learn Ashtanga Yoga in the famous Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (more about this experience will come later).

This was my first flight with Kingfisher Airlines, what an experience! I have never had such a good service in any other airline before, or in any other kind of business ever. I hope I will get the chance to fly with them again :-)

But now, let's enjoy India :-)

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