Wednesday, November 28, 2012

70% Discount on The Great Courses - A Great Gift for Yoga Practitioners

Optimizing Your Brain's Fitness - The Great CoursesThe Great Courses company is giving 70% discount to more than 400 of their courses. The courses, which usually cost more than 200 US dollars, cover a wide range of topics including science, arts and business. If you are a yoga or meditation student you'll certainly find some of the science courses extremely valuable, a great gift for yoga practitioners. The offer will expire on January 21, 2013.

I heard for the first time about The Great Courses three years ago after reading an article written by Bill Gates where he was recommending The Great Courses (also known as The Teaching Company) as an excellent resource for self learning and online education. I love learning new subjects so I got very excited and ordered a couple of the courses back then: "Nutrition Made Clear" and "Superstring Theory - The DNA of Reality". I think they are awesome and I am very satisfied, but I still haven't finished them!

The courses can be video or audio lectures given by outstanding college professors that have been hand picked by this company based on their teaching skills. About 1 in 5,000 professors are chosen to be part of The Great Courses Faculty!

The courses are divided in multiple lectures of 30 minutes each (I think that's a good length, not too long and not to short) and you don't need to have any previous knowledge on the subjects included in the courses. Luckily they have recently been adapting to the changes in technology and now besides DVD and CD formats you can also buy the courses in digital video or mp3 for download or for online streaming.

The Great Courses: Courses ideal for Yoga Practitioners

As a yoga practitioner I'm constantly learning not only about the yoga postures and yoga philosophy but also about other subjects that can complement my understanding of the effect of yoga on the body and the mind.

I believe that understanding the functions of the brain and the nervous system is a valuable skill for yogis so I searched on The Great Courses website and I found some fascinating courses (read the titles below) that can be very useful to expand my understanding about this and other similar subjects, and they were all included in the 70% discount! so yes, I couldn't resist and I ended buying a few of them! Well, I believe this is a good investment... and I'm worth it!

The Great Courses on digital format

I was a bit worried about how it would work with the digital formats but it turned out to be very practical and simple. When you buy the courses you'll need to create an account and in your account you can access your Digital Library with all the courses that you have bought. From there you can easily download the courses to your computer or stream them online at any time and as many times as you want with your Mac, PC or iPad. So basically you don't need to store them if you don't want to, that's like having a cloud service included!

They are not optimized for streaming with iPhone or iPod but you can download them to your computer and from there sync them to your device with iTunes. I'm sure they also work on Android devices.

Access Free Lectures from The Great Courses

There are some selected lectures from full courses that are available for free on their website. To access the free content you just need to create an account and click on the "Free Lectures and Audio link" within "My Digital Library".

Don't forget to visit The Great Courses website to take a look at the courses they offer and make use of the 70% Discount. And if you find this information valuable please don't hesitate to "Like it" and share it.

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