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Private Yoga and Meditation Classes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Are you looking for private yoga and meditation classes in Phnom Penh to learn how to cope better with stress, anxiety and depression and to improve your health, strength and flexibility? If this is you then please keep reading further.

(If you are actually more interested in group classes then you can view my weekly schedule in Yoga Classes.)

Yes, you can certainly achieve this, and more, with a regular yoga and meditation practice. That is my personal experience, but please know that these are simply the side effects. The purpose of yoga is to bring the body and mind to a perfect state of balance, tranquility and stillness, removing all obstacles so that we can become aware of our true nature. But don't worry, we don't have to go so deep into it if you don't want to.

My yoga journey has unexpectedly brought me to Phnom Penh. Now that I'm here it will be an honour for me to share with you everything that I've learned after years practicing yoga and meditation. So without waisting any more time let me tell you what I have to offer:

Private Meditation Classes in Phnom Penh

Who can benefit from these private meditation classes

These private meditation classes are ideal for you if:

  • You value your time. You want to learn exactly what you need to learn, in a short period of time, without waisting time with books or videos.
  • You either live a busy life in Phnom Penh or you are simply passing by and wish to do something productive and valuable with your limited free time.
  • You want to learn how to meditate from an experienced meditation practitioner who have learned directly from the teachings of the Himalayan Yogis in a traditional environment.

How you will benefit from these private meditation classes

The purpose of meditation is to bring us to a state of complete stillness so that we can become aware of our true self, or pure state of being, but there are many positive side effects that come through this practice.

The web is packed with research-based-articles about the innumerable benefits of meditation such as reduced high blood pressure, reduced aging process and reduced stress, but what I can assure you from my own personal experience is that if you practice regularly you will certainly be able to feel more present and experience a sense of peace and joy that you've never experienced before.

What you will Learn

I conduct these private meditation classes in a six days workshop format, one hour session per day. In this workshop you will learn everything that you need to learn to start and continue with a daily meditation practice. These are all practical techniques that you can implement immediately in your daily life.

More specifically during these six days you'll learn:

  • How to sit comfortable for long periods of time
  • How to relax the body so that it doesn't become an obstacle in the process of meditation
  • How to breath in a way that is conducive to mental and physical relaxation
  • How to concentrate the mind on one single object of concentration
  • How to create the habit of daily meditation

And a lot more.

What is the investment?

The value of this investment for the six days one to one workshop is US$210. Considering the benefits that you can achieve and the practicality of the techniques that you will learn, which you'll be able to use for the rest of your life, this is really a valuable investment. I'm sure you will agree that investing on yourself is one of the best investments you can make.

Private Yoga Classes in Phnom Penh

Who can benefit from this private yoga classes

These private yoga classes are ideal for you if:

  • You want to finally start with a yoga practice which you've been wanting to do for so long but you haven't been able to because of either lack of time or motivation.
  • You want to start at your own level without feeling pushed or intimidated in a group class next to fit-twenty-years-old yogis.
  • You want to receive classes that are tailored to your level, needs and goals.
  • You appreciate the support of a teacher who can give you the guidance and feedback that video lessons or a group class teacher can't give you.

How you will benefit from these private yoga classes

The purpose of hatha yoga, the physical yoga practices, is to strengthen and purify the body and mind so that it doesn't create any obstacles in the practice of meditation. But there are many positive side effects when we practice yoga regularly:

  • You will develop strength, flexibility and stamina while at the same time deal with stress and anxiety
  • You will improve your health
  • You will feel good about yourself knowing that you are investing your time in doing something good for your body, mind and soul
  • You will develop your self confidence
  • You will feel more relaxed and calm at the end of each practice, guaranteed.

What you will learn

Once you commit to practice yoga with me you will practice yoga at least twice a week for one hour and half per session. A typical classical hatha yoga class will include a brief relaxation, gentle warm up exercises, dynamic warm ups continuing with the well known asanas (yoga postures) closing with a deep relaxation.

The yoga asanas work on different parts of the body to remove toxins, energy blocks, develop strength and flexibility. The main emphasis will be on working with our breath and with awareness from moment to moment. Yoga is not solely a physical exercise but an integral science that engages the breath, the mind and the body developing concentration, awareness and relaxation.

What is the investment?

These are the different packages that I offer.

  • 5 days pack: US$170. Valid for max. three weeks
  • 10 days pack: US$320. Valid for max. five weeks
  • 20 days pack: US$600. Valid for max. ten weeks

Remember these are one to one classes in which we will focus on your goals, gradually improving your health, your strength, your stamina and feeling more calm, relaxed and good about yourself. I said that's worth to invest on, don't you think so?

Why minimum two times per week?

One time per week shows little commitment and dedication. Two times per week already pushes you a little bit, forcing you to develop discipline and will power. My recommendation would be three times per week. Five or six times per week is ideal but only if you love yoga so much that you can't stop.

So if you are committed to make positive changes in your life by taking private yoga and meditation classes, if you are ready to invest in yourself and you are willing to do the work and everything that it takes then lets talk. You can send me an email or send me a personal message via my Facebook Page. I'll be looking forward to working with you.

If you decide that private yoga classes are not for you but you would still like to practice yoga with me then you can view my weekly group classes schedule in Yoga Classes.

Image credit to Keoni Kabral. Adapted

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