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Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal, May 2017

Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal

I feel really excited to tell you that my dear friend, yoga teacher and surf lover Anna Dibell of KarunaCompany and I have decided to join forces combining our two passions, surf and yoga, to create four Surf and Yoga Holiday weeks in the beautiful beach of Costa da Caparica, Portugal, starting the first week of May 2017.

If you have been following my blog for a while then you probably know that just a couple of years ago I learned to surf in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

I had such a great time surfing and teaching yoga in A-Bay and ever since I've been thinking about creating a surf and yoga retreat just like this. I feel so happy to finally be able to share this dream with you.

Why Surf and Yoga?

Surf and Yoga form a beautiful combination for inner and outer expression, for harmony within and harmony outside, reconnecting with ourselves and reconnecting with nature, while at the same time giving us a chance to work with our minds and develop physical strength and flexibility.

If you want to know more about how yoga can help with surfing and also about the mental aspects of surfing then you can read my previous blog posts:

Who is this Surf and Yoga Holiday for?

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced surfer or yogi, if you want to have a great time connecting with nature and with your inner self while hanging out with like minded people in a beautiful location then this retreat is just for you.

Not just holidays

Of course, this is not just going to be a super fun week of surf and yoga but you will also learn how to use your mind to improve your surfing skills via visualization techniques, and how to deal with challenging emotions using your breath and simple mindfulness practices. All really valuable skills that you can bring back home with you to use at any time.

Are you ready to book? Then please simply send your enquiry by mail. If you need more information then please go ahead and keep reading.

Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal, May 2017

The Surf

Whether you are a curious beginner who has never been on a board, or a seasoned surfer comfortable in the waves, you will definitely enjoy Caparica. Here you'll find a consistent beach break suited for all levels.

There is nothing but sand and waves, so you can focus on the surf. The lineup is rarely crowded, the atmosphere is welcoming and we'll have great teachers with us in the water.

Our surf teacher

For the surf classes we have teamed up with our friend Pedro and his surf school. A man of the ocean, Pedro grew up in the area and knows all the local spots. He loves surfing and sharing his passion. As our head surf teacher he will challenge you but he will also keep you safe.

We will provide all the equipment needed for the classes, which will be tailored according to your skill level. After hanging out with Pedro for a few days we are sure you will have experienced the magic of surfing.

Surfing in Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Surfing in Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Surfing in Costa da Caparica, Portugal


During our yoga sessions we will focus on preparing the body and mind for surfing, and also on releasing tension in trouble areas after surfing like the shoulders and hips, but always keeping in mind the real aim of hatha yoga: to purify the body and mind so that they become fit for the practice of meditation

  • No flexibility or previous yoga experience is required. The classes will be tailored to the level of the whole group and individuals.
  • Every morning at 7:00 we will meet at the Surf House's private garden for a 1 hour 30 minutes yoga session, including a deep relaxation and a short meditation practice .
  • Every evening at 16:00 we will have another 1 hour 30 minutes yoga session.
  • As a side effect of practicing yoga you will develop strength, stamina and flexibility and by the end of each practice you will feel completely relaxed and calm

Surf and Yoga Holiday in Portugal

Location and facilities

Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica is a still somewhat undiscovered little gem, just about a 20 minute drive from the city of Lisbon. The ocean here is amazing with its crystal clear water, and the sunsets are impossible to describe in words. They kind of steal your heart away, so be aware.

Tourism here is mostly local and people are very friendly and helpful. The area where we are located is quiet but if you are looking for a more party vibe Lisbon is just a short ride away.

The Surf House

The Surf House is 20 minutes drive from the Lisbon International Airport, 14-minute drive from the Lisbon city centre and just 5 minute walk from the vast white sand beach of Costa da Caparica.

This house is one of the true oases found in Caparica. Built in the 1950's by a local architect, the house welcomes us with a private garden and an inviting pool.

Sun or shade, the house offers both, and with its special charm we have to warn you that it might just make you feel at home right away. It's a simple easy going house, built with love and care.

The neighborhood is a quiet residential area with numerous cafés and local restaurants. Along the beach walk you also have your pick of places to eat and hang out between our classes and workshops.

The house has one pool house which sleeps four and has its own bathroom. In the main house there are three double rooms with shared bath, and one double with a private bathroom. The kitchen is ours to share and we also have a big combined living room and breakfast area. We hope that you will feel comfortable at the house.

The Surf House in Costa da Caparica

The Surf House in Costa da Caparica

The Surf House in Costa da Caparica

The Surf House in Costa da Caparica

The Surf House in Costa da Caparica

Daily Schedule

07:00 to 08:30 Morning yoga session
08:30 to 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 to 12:00 Surf Class
12:00 to 13:00 Lunch
15:00 to 16:00 Workshop: visualization, breathing, ocean theory
16:00 to 17:30 Evening yoga session
19:30 to 20:00 Dinner

Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions or to incorporate other activities.


We have planned four Surf and Yoga Holiday weeks throughout May.

Week 1: Sat 29/04/17 till Sat 06/05/17
Week 2: Sat 13/05/17 till Sat 20/05/17
Week 3: Sat 20/05/17 till Sat 27/05/17
Week 4: Sat 27/05/17 till Sat 03/06/17

The first Saturday is the day of arrival to the house. We will greet you at the airport and when everybody has arrived and is settled in we'll get together for some hello's and talk about the week ahead of us.

The last Saturday is the departure day, including breakfast. We'll make sure you get to your flights on time.

You can visit our Facebook Event and hit on "interested" to stay informed about any updates. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends

What's included in the package?
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Two yoga classes per day
  • 3 Workshops
  • 5 surf classes
  • Surf board and wetsuit
  • Airport pick up

Lunch and dinner are not included but there are many restaurants nearby where you can get some delicious food. You are also invited to use the kitchen at our surf house at any time during the day.

Surf and Yoga Holiday Week Prices

Prices per week (8 days/7 nights)

Private single room: 560 Euros
Double or twin (price per person): 475 Euros
Shared room: 450 Euros

Early bird discount! Get a 10% discount when booking before end of January 2017

Note: Does not include travel insurance, flight ticket or any travel costs.

How do I sign up?

Send us an enquiry by email. Once we receive a 25% non-refundable deposit your booking will be confirmed. The 75% difference will need to be paid by March 31st.

"Marco is a wonderful teacher. I joined his class in Hinterland Village, India for about one week. Especially for beginners he gave a lot of leading. I liked the most the meditation at the end of every class. I never had this relaxed feeling before." Katharina, Germany. You can read more reviews in MarcoPinoYoga

We are really looking forward to hearing from you and we hope that we will get the chance to surf and practice yoga together during this Surf and Yoga Holiday at Costa da Caparica in Portugal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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