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7 Unique Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka for Every Budget

Yoga Retreats Sri Lanka

After spending a couple of months at a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka, as a volunteer yoga teacher, I thought of visiting some of the best yoga retreats before leaving the country.

But although there are many top-yoga-retreats lists out there, it is hard to find real advice on unique and authentic yoga retreats that can fit your budget. Have you encountered the same problem?

These top lists usually provide little information and they all pretty much talk about the same exclusive resorts.

Finding unique yoga retreats with excellent reviews

So I decided to do my own research to find unique yoga retreats, with excellent reviews, that I would definitely love to visit in the future, and that I could also recommend without hesitation to my friends and my readers.

I came up with this list of seven truly awesome yoga retreats.

It includes surf and yoga retreats for the beach lovers, retreats with amazing vegan food and Ayurveda-based therapies for the health-conscious, and yoga retreats by the jungle for those who love nature, wildlife and hiking.

I have read thoroughly each of these retreats' websites, and countless online reviews, to make sure they truly offer the best experience, regardless if they are a budget or a luxury retreat.

They all have at least 4.5 stars, on multiple online platforms. So you can be sure, people really love these places.

To help you have a clear picture of their vibe and their offering, I've written an extensive description of each retreat based on all these reviews.

So whether you are searching for an affordable yoga retreat or a luxury retreat in Sri Lanka, I'm sure you'll find here what you are looking for, even if you don't know what that is. Lol.

The only problem you gonna have is to be able to choose one retreat from this list. Trust me, they all look amazing!

Why you should do a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka

I have visited Sri Lanka multiple times since my first visit back in 2013. At that time I traveled to Sri Lanka from India mainly for my Indian visa run, but I was very surprised when I got there. It's such a beautiful country.

The people are very friendly and welcoming, it is a very easy country to travel around, the food is amazing and there are attractions for all: culture, nature and outdoor activities like surfing.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to travel all around Sri Lanka. One good thing is that it has options for all types of budgets. Whether you are a backpacker, budget traveler or luxury traveler, you'll always find good deals in Sri Lanka.

Another great thing about Sri Lanka is that you can visit it pretty much all year long. When it's monsoon season on the East coast you can visit the South. When it's monsoon season on the South coast you can visit the East.

Applying for a Sri Lankan visa is also super easy and convenient; one of the reasons why I have visited Sri Lanka so many times. You can apply for your visa online right here or you can simply get the visa at the airport.

By the way, because of the bombings in April this year, the Sri Lankan government decided to offer free visas starting August 1st, for a trial period of six months (not for all countries though). The visa normally costs 35 USD.

You don't need to worry about your safety. I've been in Sri Lanka from mid-June till mid-September and everything was perfectly fine.

If you are not convinced yet, here you can find 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka by

And if you are considering India as your next destination for a yoga retreat then you can also visit my curated list of yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Kerala.

What to do after your yoga retreat

If you are a solo traveler, I would suggest you consider backpacking around Sri Lanka, after your yoga retreat experience. I'm sure you'll make a few good friends at the retreat that would probably love to explore the country with you.

Many of the yoga retreats included here will also help you organizing short trips to places nearby. So this is also something you can do on your own, with your partner or with your retreat friends.

To get some ideas of what to do and what to visit in Sri Lanka you can visit this very extensive list by Dream Big Travel Far: 50 Amazing Things to do in Sri Lanka {2019 Edition}.

For how long can you stay in Sri Lanka?

The tourist visa is valid only for one month, but if you are planning to stay in Sri Lanka longer than that, you can easily extend your visa in Colombo for two extra months. In total, you can get maximum six months per entry.

I would suggest you extend your visa as soon as you arrive in Colombo, otherwise, you might need to travel back to Colombo from wherever you are, which would be time consuming and exhausting.

To find out how to extend your Sri Lankan visa you can visit my Sri Lanka Travel Tips blog post.

7 Unique Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

So here it is, my personal wishlist of yoga retreats in Sri Lanka.

I'm including links to each retreat's bookyogaretreats page so you can read more reviews, take a look at some photos or confirm your booking.

These are affiliate links by the way. If you book a retreat through these links you'll be supporting me to continue creating awesome free content like this, via a small commission, at no extra cost to you or the retreat center.

Thanks for your support!

The prices included here are for reference only as these vary often because of seasonal changes and promotions.  For the latest prices please follow the links.

1. Green Peace Inn, Weligama

Green Peace Inn

⇒ Starting at US$512 for 7 Days/6 Nights

If you are searching for a safe open-hearted environment where you can connect with like-minded people, walking distance from the beach and with amazing healthy plant-based food, then you'll love Green Peace Inn Yoga Retreats concept.

They offer delicious vegan food, you have no choice but to book minimum one week (starting every Sunday), and the daily yoga classes are open only for staying guests.

This creates a very intimate environment that attracts incredible people from all over the world, forming a community of like-minded individuals interested in yoga, conscious living and traveling.

Their aim is not to be exclusive but rather to offer the best experience they can offer to their guests.

“Our mission is to create a home away from home — a place where you can be you — a place where you feel safe enough to create an opportunity for a change in your life. We are welcoming yogis, travelers, and creative thinkers from all around the globe to share a sense of well-being and community and to have delicious healthy food.” Green Peace Inn.

I suggest you be flexible with your travel plans. You might like to book an extra week or two like many guests do.

Whenever you arrive you'll be welcomed with open arms not only by Alex and Martina, the owners, but also by the other guests staying at the retreat. That's why most guests feel this is not just a guesthouse but more like home.

Green Peace Inn is located just a few steps from a quiet and scenic beach in Weligama. All the rooms have air conditioning, private bathroom, and ocean view. What else can you ask for?

The rooms are simple but beautifully decorated and “immaculately clean,” as some of the reviewers say. In total, they have seven rooms with a maximum capacity of sixteen people. 

Each yoga retreat package includes two yoga classes a day. A hatha yoga class at 7 am and another hatha or yin yoga class at 5 pm. In total, you get eleven yoga sessions in each 7 days/6 nights yoga retreat.

The rooftop yoga shala is the perfect place to practice yoga. It's a simple space with a clean and smooth floor. It doesn't need much decoration since you have jaw-dropping views of palm trees and the ocean.

Btw, the cover photo at the beginning of this article is actually courtesy of Green Peace Inn.  It was shot at the rooftop yoga hall.

In the mornings or when it rains they use the second yoga hall which is on the first floor, with a ceiling.  So you don't need to worry about the heat or the rain, and it also has ocean view.

The food checks all the boxes. Each yoga retreat package includes an organic, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free breakfast and dinner, inspired on Ayurveda. Any other requirements?

The meals are served at their Cafe Ahimsa, open only for staying guests. They use mostly locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Lunch is not included in the retreat packages.  So you have the freedom to explore some of the local restaurants or you can order some of the items in their vegan menu.  Btw, their smoothie bowls look absolutely delicious!

The retreat packages do not include surf lessons but only 10 minutes walk you can find many surf schools and board rentals.  Beginners can actually surf directly on the beach in front of their building.

In summary, each 7 days/6 nights yoga retreat package includes:

  • Eleven yoga sessions
  • One group breathwork session
  • Two meditation classes 
  • Unlimited free water and organic tea
  • One fresh juice and one coconut per day
  • Breakfast and dinner

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

2. ME Yoga Villa, Gurubebila, Weligama

ME Yoga Villa

⇒ Starting at US$223 for 6 Days/5 Nights

ME Yoga Villa offers a multi-style yoga retreat (including aerial yoga) near the beach, with spotless rooms, a large swimming pool, and a hair salon. Yes, you heard that right. A hair salon! Isn't that unique?

ME Yoga Villa is located just 10 min walk from Coconut Beach, in a laidback village somewhere between Weligama and Midigama, on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

They call it a boutique homestay because of the intimate and homey atmosphere with comfortable and luxurious facilities. You will be treated as a family by Elke and Manoj, the Belgian-Sri Lankan couple that owns the homestay.

Their reviews don't lie. They have five stars reviews on every single online platform, including bookyogaretreats and TripAdvisor.

The villa, surrounded by coconut and mango trees, has three deluxe guestrooms with AC, and one basic shared guestroom. They host maximum ten guests at a time.

The rooms are simple but stylish at the same time, offering everything you might need. They are spacious and beautifully arranged with a very good taste.

Believe it or not, they have a private hair salon in the garden where you can cut or treat your sunburnt hair. Obviously not for me, but I'm sure many travelers will really appreciate this service.

Manoj is a professional hairstylist. He worked for a celebrity hair salon in Bangalore, India. He makes his own hair treatments with natural ingredients and he gives amazing head massages. So you can be sure your hair will be in good hands.

The yoga retreat packages include a large and varied healthy vegetarian breakfast, with Sri Lankan and Western options to choose from. Usually, all the guests sit together for breakfast right after the morning yoga class.

They don't offer lunch or dinner but they will suggest some of their favorite restaurants nearby. You could also use their fully equipped open kitchen to prepare yourself a meal.

The homestay welcomes outside guests for the yoga classes, accepting a maximum of twelve students per class. They have a busy weekly schedule with up to eleven classes per week.

Each yoga retreat package includes only one yoga class per night stay. But you can book additional classes from their weekly schedule at a discounted rate.

They offer several different styles of yoga including hatha-vinyasa, aerial yoga, yin yoga, and ying-yang yoga. They even offer an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course.

They have a fully-equipped rooftop yoga hall with splendid views of the jungle and the swimming pool. You might see lots of monkeys during your yoga class.

The hall is very spacious with a high ceiling, ceiling fans, and a smooth concrete floor. And of course, it has everything you might need for aerial yoga.

In summary, the retreat packages include:

  • One yoga session per day
  • Healthy vegetarian breakfast
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation
  • Unlimited water and tea
  • The use of the swimming pool

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

3. The Earthlinks, Hikkaduwa

The Earthlinks Retreats

⇒ Starting at US$1,117 for 7 Days/6 Nights

Picture this: saltwater swimming pool, beautiful comfy airy rooms, a homey atmosphere and above all, incredibly delicious vegan food. This is Earthlinks, a sustainable yoga retreat set in a gorgeous villa close to the beach.

But don't worry if you are not vegan. You might just become one after tasting their amazing food. Lol.

The incredibly delicious food is the first thing that almost every customer mentions about this yoga retreat, besides the very warm welcome by Jack and Sandra, the lovely and sociable Polish couple that created this oasis in Sri Lanka.

People say the food is ”healthy, delicious, colorful and abundant,“ and usually everybody sits together in a common table for each meal.

Sandra, the chef and also owner of Bodhi Cafe (a vegan cafe in Hikkaduwa) puts all her energy on creating the best menu ever for their guests.

“It’s not only salads! All of your delicious meals here are 100% plant-based and created for you by chef with years of international experience. Whether your vegan journey has only just started, you just want to try it for a while, or if its already a way of life, you will always find mouthwatering dishes and snacks to satisfy your cravings.” The Earthlinks.

Earthlinks is located near Hikkaduwa, on the south coast of Sri Lanka. If you like water and nature then this is your place.

The villa is just five minutes walk to the beach and two hundred meters from the Hikkaduwa Lagoon (Ratgama lake). It is surrounded by so much lush greenery you feel as if you are living in the middle of the jungle.

And of course, you can't forget the salt-water swimming pool! So it doesn't matter if it is off-season or high-season, you'll always be able to enjoy a good swim.

They have ten spacious beautifully decorated rooms with private bathrooms, with a maximum capacity of twenty-four guests at a time.

At Earthlinks they really want you to take the opportunity to disconnect and be present with yourself, with nature, and with the other guests. That's why their wifi is available only in the early mornings and late evenings.

By the way, can you guess what is their wifi password?

“betterstayoffline.” Lol.

But no worries, if you are a digital nomad and this is a no-no for you, then you can easily get a Dialogue sim card at the airport. The connection is really good and data plans are very cheap. Pretend I didn't say anything, ok?

Jack and Sandra do everything they can to make Earthlinks as sustainable as possible.

They use solar panels for hot water, there are no AC rooms but use instead energy-efficient fans, they use only glass bottles, they filter their own water, they limit the use of the laundry, and they segregate any waste while trying to keep it to a minimum.

If you are into surfing or if you are interested in giving it a try, this is a great place to do so.

There are many good surf spots around, like Pathuwattha beach and Hikkaduwa beach, and each yoga retreat package includes a few surf lessons with experienced local surfers, friends of Earthlinks.

The yoga retreat includes one yoga class in the morning. It starts at 8 am and it lasts 90 min. They offer traditional yoga classes, kundalini yoga, and acro yoga.

Besides, yoga, surfing and enjoying amazing food, you'll also have plenty of other activities to choose from to fill up your days.

If you really want to pamper yourself you could complement your stay with personalized Ayurvedic treatments in the privacy of your own room.  Wouldn't that make your holidays complete?

Earthlinks offers 6 days and 12 days retreat packages. In summary, each yoga retreat package includes:

  • One 90 min yoga session per day, including meditation
  • Vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation
  • Unlimited water, herbal teas, and coffee
  • The use of the swimming pool
  • Surf lessons with local instructors (3 or 6 depending on the retreat package)
  • Two Ayurvedic wellness treatments (only on the 12 days package)

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

4. Basecamp, Weligama


⇒ Starting at US$401 for 7  Days/6 Nights

If you are a solo traveler and you would like to find a yoga retreat by the beach, where you can easily meet other travelers interested in yoga and surfing, in a chilled and friendly environment, then Basecamp yoga retreats are for you.

“For all of you looking to surf, practice yoga, eat good food, beach-hop, and experience a comfortable stay; feel very welcome to make Basecamp part of your Sri Lankan adventure.” Basecamp

Basecamp, owned by Renee and Vincent, two friends from the Netherlands, is located in Weligama, on the south coast of Sri Lanka just a few steps from the beach.

They have many different room options: private room, shared room, AC, non AC, private bathroom, shared bathroom, queen or king size. You just need to select the best option according to your budget and traveling style.

The rooms are comfortable and spotless. They are cleaned every day by the staff.

In total, they have eight rooms with a maximum capacity of sixteen guests at a time. They are all in the same small house surrounded by a spacious private garden where the guests like to hang out.

The property is next to the main road, so you might need earplugs to sleep at night. This is very common on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The main road lays between the beach and all the restaurants and guesthouses.

Basecamp yoga retreats packages include two 90 min yoga classes per day: an energetic or dynamic yoga practice at 8 am (vinyasa or hatha yoga) and a more relaxing class at 4 pm (restorative or yin yoga).

Non-staying guests can join any of the classes for 1500 SLR.

In my opinion, at least in the photos, the outdoor yoga hall looks pretty basic. I guess the photos don't do it justice. Not a single guest has complained about it. As a matter of fact, everybody loves the space.

They call it “epic” with an “insane” setting.

The yoga shala is set behind and above the property, on a small hill away from the main road. So it's pretty private, and it has fantastic views of the jungle and the ocean. Some people don't feel like closing their eyes even for second.

Not all Basecamp guests need to book a yoga retreat though. There is a bed and breakfast option. In that case, the guests would need to pay the yoga classes per class.

Basecamp doesn't offer lunch and dinner, but they totally make up for it with the breakfast. The breakfast is nutritious, healthy, fresh and delicious, and it changes on a daily basis.

The breakfast starts at 7:30 am but most people will sit together for breakfast right after the morning yoga class.

The rest of the morning and afternoon you can choose to explore the area alone or with the other guests, take a cooking class, visit a national park or, of course, go surfing!

After the evening yoga class, Basecamp usually organizes social dinners at the best restaurants around Weligama that you can choose to join or not.

So this means that you have lots of opportunities to be on your own or to be sociable whenever you want. Everything is so easy going here.

This is my kind of place. I love to spend some time by myself during the day, but I really like to be sociable in the evenings. I'm in!

The yoga retreats do not include surf lessons, but Basecamp can easily help you organize a lesson for you. They know all the best schools in town, and if you are an experienced surfer they can guide you to the best surf spots for your level.

Basecamp offers yoga retreats of 4, 6 or 9 nights. These are their standard yoga retreat packages, but you can pretty much stay as long as you want and arrive whenever you want.

You can always get in touch with them for any special requirements. In summary, each yoga retreat package includes:

  • Two 90 min yoga sessions per day
  • Breakfast
  • Unlimited water, tea, and coffee
  • Accommodation

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

5. The Kandy Samadhi Centre, Kandy

Kandy Samadhi Centre

⇒ Starting at US$850 for 8 Days/7 Nights

If you are searching for solitude or an intimate retreat experience to share with a friend or a loved one, feeling as if you have the whole resort for yourself, then Kandy Samadhi Centre is the best choice.

Heck, you can even book a yoga honeymoon retreat package!

The Kandy Samadhi Centre is a large property with thirteen pavilions where you can certainly find peace, tranquility, and privacy while enjoying the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka.

“They [the pavilions] are designed to make you feel you are the only person staying here,“ reads their website.

In total, they have twenty-two rooms, spread wide around the property, with a maximum capacity of thirty-five guests.

Each room has its own personality. They are rustic and luxurious at the same time, beautifully decorated with antiques from Kandy and with medieval Sinhalese artifacts. That's because the owner, Waruna, is an antique dealer.

This resort-retreat was his childhood dream, a place to induce a sense of serenity and tranquility, ideal for meditation.

It also offers the perfect balance between living outdoors while at the same time giving you everything you might need for a comfortable stay.

It is remote, located in the Kandyan hills completely surrounded by the jungle, with no mobile signal to distract you from slowing down and being present.

The retreat offers a delicious vegetarian menu, Sri Lankan cuisine based. Every meal is prepared with freshly picked organic ingredients. They even use their own homegrown rice.

Each yoga retreat package includes only one 90 min. hatha yoga session per day, starting at 7:30 am. So you have plenty of time to just chill, read a book, and enjoy a relaxing stay.

The yoga classes, which welcome also non-staying guests, are lead by Janaka and Yumi. Yumi, the wife of Waruna, is originally from Tokyo and she has been teaching hatha yoga since 2005.

The yoga hall is beautiful and spacious, surrounded by green vegetation. Be aware that monkeys might sometimes show up to check your yoga moves. Lol.

To make your experience even more complete, relaxing and healing you could choose a yoga and Ayurveda retreat package.

They offer a large variety of Ayurvedic treatments by certified Ayurvedic doctors, using fresh herbs and plants, handpicked from their own gardens.

According to previous visitors, the Ayurvedic massages are “otherworldly” and “second to none.”

Kandy Samadhi Centre offers several yoga retreats or Ayurveda and yoga retreats, of different duration. In summary, each yoga retreat package includes:

  • One 90 min yoga session per day
  • One Ayurvedic treatment per day (only for Ayurveda and Yoga retreat packages)
  • Three vegetarian meals per day
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation
  • One excursion or activity.
  • Cookery lesson

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

6. Polwaththa Yoga Retreats, Digana, Kandy

Polwaththa Yoga Retreat

⇒ Starting at US$379 for 8 Days/7 Nights

I recently stayed at Polwaththa Yoga Retreat for a couple of months, as a residential yoga teacher. I loved it!  Oh, and yes, that's me in the photo.

The food is incredible and abundant, the staff is very friendly and attentive, the location is fantastic and their focus on eco-tourism and sustainability is really authentic.

If you are a nature lover, and if you are interested in permaculture and organic farming, then I'm sure you will love it too.

Polwaththa Eco-Lodges, considered one of the top Eco-Lodges in Sri Lanka, started the Polwaththa yoga and meditation retreats just a few months ago.

Their aim is to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, experiencing the local flora and fauna, and the local culture, in a conscious and mindful way.

They truly care about the environment. You might even be able to plant a tree with them.

They have fifteen cabanas spread around the property. They are nothing luxurious, rather basic and rustic but they have everything you might need.

Their emphasis is on simple living, taking the time to appreciate and value the beautiful nature that Sri Lanka has to offer.

The food is really amazing. I had never tasted such a variety of Sri Lankan dishes.

Imagine this, after two months living there, I never got bored with the food. I really miss the chef, he is out of this world. I wish I could travel with him everywhere, lol.

They offer veg and non-veg Sri Lankan food. If you are vegetarian or vegan, don't worry. Here I discovered that Sri Lankan food has an incredible variety of vegan dishes, and most of the ingredients they use come from their certified organic garden.

The yoga retreat packages usually include two 90 min yoga sessions per day. A morning session starting at 7 am and an evening session at 4:30 pm.

The yoga style will vary depending on the residential teacher available during your stay, but it is usually going to be hatha, vinyasa, yin or restorative yoga.

The yoga hall was built in June, on an isolated area in their property, about 15 min walk through the forest from the main building.

It is the perfect place for yoga. Open on all sides, surrounded by trees, and with the occasional visit of monkeys and deers.

They are currently in their first steps to create a community.

At the moment the majority of the guests are families and couples that come mainly for the eco-lodge experience.  But the goal is to transition to have mainly guests interested in the hiking and yoga retreats.

You can read in detail about my experience staying at Polwaththa in Affordable Hiking and Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka's Best Eco-Lodge.

Polwaththa standard yoga retreats are of 4 days, 8 days or 15 days but you can always extend the length of your stay.

In summary, each yoga retreat package includes:

  • Two 90 min yoga sessions per day
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Unlimited water, tea & coffee
  • Fresh fruit every morning before the yoga class (if needed)
  • Village walk with a trek to the waterfall
  • Sri Lankan cookery class
  • Pick-up and drop from Digana
  • Tree planting (subject to conditions)

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

7. Rukgala Retreat, Maberiyatenna, Kandy.

Rukgala Retreat

⇒ Starting at US$925 for 7 Days/6 Nights

Rukgala Yoga Retreat is truly astonishing. It is a small boutique hotel, located at the feet of the Victoria Dam, with a focus on wellness and yoga.

Everything is of the highest standard: the rooms, the swimming pool, the yoga shala, the teaching style, the food, and the service. They have five-star reviews on BYR and on TripAdvisor.

The rooms are beautiful designed, spacious and with a lot of natural light. Each room has AC and a balcony with lake view.

The beds look so comfy I would probably struggle to get out of bed for a morning yoga session. Lol

They have only eight rooms available which offer space for maximum sixteen guests at a time.

Each yoga retreat package includes a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, and a three-course dinner. They offer amazing Sri Lankan and fusion cuisine, including vegan and vegetarian options.

The yoga hall is really spacious. It has a high roof and it is open on all sides. So you can enjoy the nature around while getting a lot of fresh air during each yoga practice.

The wooden floor looks so smooth and spotless I just feel like laying down directly on the floor for a yoga nidra session.

The yoga retreats include two 75 min yoga classes a day. The morning class starts at 8 am and the evening class at 5 pm. The styles are Vinyasa Flow and Yin, taught by the residential yoga teachers Emma and Jasmine.

Each yoga retreat package also includes a 4-hour hike in nature, but there are other extra activities you could do like kayaking or paddleboarding (if there is enough water on the lake), sunset walks, visiting Kandy or just chilling by the pool.

Rukgala offers 4 days, 7 days and 10 days retreat packages. In summary, each yoga retreat package includes:

  • Two 75 min yoga classes each day
  • One massage treatment with an Ayurvedic therapist
  • One guided walk to the temple and meditation caves at Bambaragala
  • Three meals a day
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, and filtered water
  • One juice a day
  • Accommodation with AC and balcony

If you are a yoga teacher looking for a place to host your own yoga retreat or teacher training course then this is a great choice. They make their best to provide everything you might need for your yoga events.

⇒ Click here for more photos, reviews, or to check availability.

Before you book your yoga retreat

I hope you have found this unique selection of yoga retreats in Sri Lanka helpful. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite retreat from this list.

If you would like to support me for this work please don't hesitate to use the bookyogaretreats affiliate links I've included to make your booking. It's a win-win situation for all.

Also, don't forget to share this list with any friends that might be searching for a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. They might also find it very helpful.

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7 Unique Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka for Every Budget


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