Friday, September 24, 2021

Transforming Depression into Compassion (Guided Meditation)

Guided Meditation for Depression
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If you or someone you love is struggling with severe depression then this free guided meditation might help.  It can be an intense meditation though, so use it mindfully and according to your needs.  If you need to pause or even quit the meditation, please feel free to do that as well. 

Meditation for Depression

Usually, the best thing we can do when dealing with severe emotional pain is simply to observe the pain, with an attitude of acceptance and surrender.  This is a very effective form of mindfulness meditation.  Emotions are too powerful to try to battle with them.  

You can read more about this on my following blog, Releasing Physical or Emotional Pain (Free Guided Meditation).

But another thing we can do is to transform our emotional pain into love and compassion for others.  

How can we do that?

We just need to realize that right at this very moment there are countless other human beings also struggling with depression, anxiety, and other forms of emotional pain.  

So Instead of avoiding our emotional pain, we can use that same pain to connect with all those who suffer.  

According to WHO, about 280 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression.  On top of that, today's pandemic has made matters even worst, with the imposed isolation and economical repercussions that we all have had to face.

So you can be certain that there are probably thousands of people around the world experiencing the same pain that you might be experiencing today.  

Contemplating this can help us understand not only that we are not alone, but also that there are many others who need as much support as we might need.  

That thought alone can move our attention away from our own pain and focus it instead on the welfare of others.

So if you or someone you love needs to hear this, please feel free to use or share this free guided meditation.

Of course, this is not a “cure” for depression.  But you can consider it another tool from your toolbox to manage depression.

I hope it will help you to overcome the difficult times that you might be going through at the moment.  Sending you my love and support. 

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