Saturday, October 16, 2021

Be Present with Yourself (Free Guided Meditation)

Be Present with Yourself Guided Meditation
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Our minds are often so agitated, dissipated, and distracted that we even forget we are here, breathing. Don't you think so? Well, in this guided meditation, we will take a moment to remember ourselves, to become fully present with ourselves like we never had before, experiencing a natural sense of calm and serenity.

Taking a dip into a lake of calm and serenity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get so involved with life and everything that needs to be done that you even forget you exist?

I know this happens to me, all the time.  

I get so involved with my endless to-do list and my mundane worries that I forget I am here.  Not only that, but it seems that I'm scattered into multiple places at the same time, and always on the past or the future.

It is only when I take a pause and sit for my meditation practice when I realize, “Oh yes, here I am.”  

This moment of stillness and self-awareness can be so refreshing and nourishing.  It's like taking a dip into a lake of calm and serenity that lies within ourselves. I do not know what would be of my life if I didn't take these daily breaks. 

The segments of meditation as meditation

Taking a moment to detach yourself from the external distractions and bringing the awareness to the present moment is one of the steps of meditation.  

The process of meditation can be divided into different steps or segments, and each one of these segments can become a meditation by itself.

For instance, taking the time to observe our meditation posture and how it affects our mental or emotional state can also be extended into a meditation.  This would be a form of mindfulness meditation.

Withdrawing the mind from the external distractions, bringing it to the present moment it's also prelude to what is called pratyāhāra or sense withdrawal.   We need to detach from the external environment to be able to withdraw the senses from the sense objects.  

One way to do this is by becoming aware of our own presence.  When we bring the awareness to our own self, we naturally detach from the external distractions and become present.  

Seriously, if you've never tried this before you might become aware of your own presence like you never had before. 

So this will be the emphasis on this guided meditation.  

We will simply focus on detaching from the external world, collecting the scattered mind from every other time and every other place, and bringing the mind closer and closer to ourselves. 

If you would like to give it a try then you can listen to it right here, Be Present With Yourself: Awareness Meditation

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