Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Magic of India: Incredible Kerala Hindu Temple Festival

Elephant playing with water during festival
India is such and amazing country. During my second night at Arsha Yoga Gayathri, an ashram right next to a paradise beach not so far away from Fort Cochin, Harilal and Meera (the owners of the ashram) invited all the guests staying at the ashram to the town nearby, so we could experience an incredible Kerala Hindu Temple Festival.

First they guided us to a couple of temples to hear traditional Indian drums. I loved it! I really liked the rhythm and power of those drums, I could have stayed there for hours just listening them play.

Later on we went to a house where there were more locals playing drums although I think not that traditional anymore, but it was still awesome. I guess it was the major's house or the house of some other wealthy Indian family. Take a look at the video below so you can listen to the power of those drums.

Video of traditional Indian drums during Kerala Temple Festival

Besides the drums there was also something very impressive and beautiful to see. Some locals would carry on their heads and shoulders huge ornamental bamboo towers with some special designs and they would spin in one place creating an amazing effect. It was really fascinating to see.

Video of Indian dancing heads during Kerala Temple Festival

Enjoying the magic of India

It was an amazing experience to be right there during this incredible Kerala Hindu Temple Festival. It was one of my best weeks. First I had a great time visiting a dear friend at Swami Dayananda Ashram in Coimbatore. Then I moved to Fort Cochin to practice yoga with Sajee. I met some really nice people at Sajee's Yoga Studio and together we enjoyed the festival in Fort Cochin. Finally after visiting Sajee's Yoga Studio I came to this new place, Arsha Yoga Gayathri, where I was able to continue enjoying more of the magic of India along with other yogis. Amazing!

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  1. Kerala temple festivals are fancy and extraordinary.The primary attraction at these festivals is the elephants.Most Hindu temples in Kerala own elephants,the lion's share of which are donated by devotees.The festivals structure part of each temple's annual rituals.They're regularly a tribute to the temple's managing god,who rises up out of inside the temple once a year.Every celebration has an alternate set of legends and myths behind it,contingent upon the temple god.