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A yoga class in Fort Cochin, Kerala, India

Fishing nets in Fort Cochin
Fort Cochin traditional fishing nets
"You have got to visit Sajee in Fort Cochin and practice yoga with him", my friend Marshall from Brazil had insisted again and again. Since about a year and half ago he mentioned me many times what a great Yoga teacher Sajee is. Finally, after an unexpected visit to a dear friend at Swami Dayananda Ashram in Coimbatore I was able to follow my friend's advice and I traveled a bit more south to search for Sajee's yoga studio and join his yoga class in Cochin.

Update 15-11-2013: Although I had a really nice time practicing yoga with Sajee a very dear friend of mine and an experienced yogini had recently a very negative personal experience while having some private classes with him. For that reason I no longer recommend his classes

I didn't have time to go to his class the day that I arrived in Fort Cochin but I decided to still go to his yoga studio to make sure that I would know the way for the next morning yoga class.

I arrived at his studio after the evening yoga class had finished so there was nobody in the studio. Luckily his wife came and took me to him. Sajee and his students were all standing next to the main street looking at a Hindu festival. Young Indian people playing drums and dancing. We stayed just for a few minutes and then he asked me to come with them back to the yoga studio.

Dinner at Sajee's yoga studio in Cochin

Sajee was very welcoming and he invited me to join them for dinner although I didn't have joined the yoga class. After every morning and afternoon yoga class Sajee likes to offer a free home made vegetarian meal to his students. It is a really nice experience and everybody loves the food. We all sat together in a circle on the floor of his humble and cozy yoga studio and then after a short prayer we started to enjoy dinner.

Incredible Indian festival

Elephant at Hindu festival
Elephant at Hindu festival in Fort Cochin
After dinner Sajee suggested that we all join him to visit a temple and join the Hindu festival that was happening at that moment. Of course I decided to join them. It was an amazing experience and the kind of things that you never get to do unless you are with a local. We walked around places where as a tourist you would rarely had the opportunity to visit.

I couldn't believe everything that I had experienced in one single day. Early in the morning I was still in Coimbatore after three amazing days visiting a dear friend at Swami Dayananda's Ashram and by evening I was having a great time in Cochin with new friends and enjoying an amazing Hindu festival. I felt alive and grateful

Video of Hindu Festival in Cochin

If you would like to have an idea of how this Hindu festival looks like just take a look at this short video that I shot on my iPhone. Every time that I see it I just think how incredible Kerala and India are.

Video of a Hindu Festival in Fort Cochin

Sajee's Yoga Classes in Fort Cochin, Kerala, India

I stayed for two more days to be able to join Sajee's Yoga class. In the morning he gives a gentle yoga class in a hotel not so far away from his studio. In the afternoon he gives a longer and more advanced yoga class, almost three hours I think but it is awesome. He likes to ask you to try harder, to push yourself and go beyond your limits. I normally don't like this approach but I did feel good during and after the class and I managed to do things that I never do so I left with a nice feeling of accomplishment. If I ever have the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to join his class again.

And although he likes to show off just a little bit and in a fun way when demonstrating some advanced asanas he is not just focused on the physical aspects of yoga. He loves the philosophy and tries to integrate it in his daily life. You can have a really nice talk with him about yoga. You can also tell that he gives his 100% when teaching and he does it with an open heart.

Sajee's Yoga Class Contact details

Santhi Yoga School
Arackal House, House number 1/1790,
Cherattapalam, Fort Cochin, Kerala,
India Pincode: 682001
PH: +91 9846 273 982
Email :

You can find more information about Sajee's yoga class in Fort Cochin on his website:

I had really good time in Fort Cochin but after two days it was time to go to my next destination. I moved to a place called Arsha Yoga and amazing Yoga spot not so far away from Fort Cochin where I had several peaceful days just next to a paradise beach.

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