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Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy - Part 1

Naga Kumar, Past Life Healing Therapist

Many of our emotional, mental and even physical problems or illnesses can be traced back to specific events in our lives; past childhood traumas that pervade our entire lives. Some people suggest that these events can even be traced to a past life.

B. Naga Kumar is a meditation teacher and a therapist located in Mysore, India. He is the owner of Mumuksha, a centre that he created for the healing of such traumas or emotional blockages, using different therapies including past life healing therapy.

In this interview we talked about how past traumatic events can create emotional or even physical ailments in our adult lives. We talked about past life healing therapy, yoga nidra, Osho's meditations, the role of meditation in the healing process and much more.

It's time for another interview

A year ago I met by chance one of my friends in Mysore, just passing by near the restaurant where I just had had lunch. She was heading back to her Past Life Healing Therapy Training with Kumar.

I had heard many times about Kumar and about his Past Life Healing Therapy Trainings, so I was very curious. I asked her right away about the training and she immediately replied with so much enthusiasm how amazing it was.

She said that it had been a complete transformational experience for her.

Thanks to the therapy sessions that they go through during the training she was feeling like a brand new person, like a completely different person. Light, joyful, free from all conflicting emotions and thoughts.

I was inspired by her experience and considered doing one of the therapy sessions with Kumar. The timing wasn't right though, and I also had my reservations.

Even during these past four months that I've been in Mysore I didn't decide to do it, but a week before leaving Mysore I contacted Kumar for an interview. I wanted to get to know him in person and learn more about the work that he does at Mumuksha.

Would I do it?

People can have many different opinions about these kind of therapies so I had decided to wait for some time, but now after getting to know Kumar personally during this interview I feel quite eager to do one of his therapies whenever I'm back in Mysore.

I'm very aware of how our unconscious fears, patterns and past traumas can create havoc during our adult lives. Nothing like personal experience to learn some tough lessons.

Yes, many of our problems can be traced back to these past events in our lives and I do believe that alternative therapies such as this can be very helpful to overcome these issues.

I met Kumar on a Tuesday, during the afternoon. He was very friendly and welcoming. It was really easy to talk with him, and his answers were very clear. I wouldn't hesitate to follow any classes or trainings with him.

Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy

An Interview with B. Naga Kumar, Meditation Teacher and Therapist

B. Naga Kumar in Mumuksha, Mysore

How did you get started with your spiritual path?

When I started it I did not know I had started the spiritual path.

Now, when I look back I can say, "Ok, this is how I started." Because I was living a miserable life, then out of necessity I started looking for a way out. Maybe the room was full of suffocation and wanted to get out.

That's how I looked for something, that's how I found whatever I found at that time, which led me to the understanding that "I am the creator of my own misery."

So, if I want to become free from this misery where I am in, I have to see how I have created it so I can undo it. This was the process.

So that's how I started on the spiritual path. I was very young, twenty four or so.

Now looking back I can say that this is the time when I started the actual proper direction. At that time I didn't even know that this is what I was doing. It was only necessity what brought me to that path.

What was the first thing you started with? Was that the Osho's meditations?

Yes, that was the Osho's meditation. Before that I had done a lot but what I can say is that from that moment that door opened for me.

Before that, because of this suffocation, because of this miserable situation I had tried many things. Reading, meeting people, the so called masters, teachers, gurus.

I had tried everything but there was something feeling like, "No, no, no, nothing is happening here, nothing is happening here."

Maybe I was not doing things properly, or there was nothing there for me. Or maybe they were the wrong people. I cannot affirm any of this, but nothing really changed in me.

Then when I found this I was like, "Aha! This is for me." So that helped me to go further.

You mean Osho's teachings


In your website it says that you gain wisdom through intense hardship. What kind of hardship are we talking about?

Hardship in the sense that nothing came easy. Like when I wanted to go to Osho it would not come to me very easy. Then I had to try and fail on many levels.

I failed with many teachers. I failed with many gurus. So everything was a failure, failure, failure. There was no feeling like, "This worked and after some time it stopped working," nothing like that.

Every very first step was a failure.

So I was coming to a feeling like, "Oh my God, nothing is going to work for me." I was reaching to the moment of desperation, every time.

And then after all these failures, again and again, I don't know even if we can call it a failure but at that time it felt like a failure, then it came to me, "Ah, maybe it was a preparation for me."

At that time I had no money. There was nothing. Even when I went to Osho I had to borrow money from somebody to go to that meditation camp.

It was hard. Nobody would give me money because I had nothing to repay. If somebody was lending me money they would know that I was not going to be able to pay back cause I had nothing.

And I was not borrowing money to put it into some business. I was borrowing money to go and close my eyes.

So in that way, nothing was easy

When you say that you were failing with all these gurus, what exactly do you mean by failure?

Nothing helped me to come to an understanding, if there is some comfort here, some relaxation here.

Lets say I'm looking for some answer; I was not getting it. Or calmness; I was not getting it. It would make me much more disturbed.

Or I would stay in the same level of disturbance or confusion. Whatever I was in that state I wasn't coming out of it. I was looking for a way out of this misery, of this frustration but I wasn't coming out of it.

After doing two weeks they would say do this. I would do two weeks of work and after two weeks, nothing, not even a small shift. I was still there. So that was the failure I was talking about.

Can you tell us what is Mumuksha all about?

The word itself is a very beautiful word, which means a longing for liberation. This is where I'm coming from.

This deep longing is there. There is this feeling like, "Enough, this is enough, I just want to be free." So that is Mumuksha. The one who is in the path is called mumuksha.

Here, whatever I do is in that direction. Going towards that ultimate freedom, what we called moksha.

The root word is moksha, the one who is in the path is mumuksha. That's what it is called in sanskrit.

So whatever the work I do here under the name of Mumuksha is going towards that freedom or liberation.

Maybe is a physical illness I want to be free from. Here we work on that. Maybe there is a mental problem I want to be free from. We work on that here.

So that's why I called it "Mumuksha, a Center for Transformation." From a state of misery a transformation towards freedom from the misery.

I cannot say bliss, because I cannot create bliss in anybody but what I can say I can provide is an opportunity, space and little bit of help for whomever comes to be free from their misery. That's what we do here.

Which are the therapy tools that you use in Mumuksha

The tools are meditation, transomatic dialogue therapy, a little bit of ayurveda.

I also do a work called transformational enquiry which is an enquiry to the mind to see how the problems, the dramas, the miseries have been created by the mind, and using the mind to see how all this drama is simply a lie.

It's a very beautiful intense process called transformational enquiry. That I do in groups, as a group workshop.

And then I do yoga nidra which is also a way to go in and let the body bring whatever it has been holding on. Let the body's wisdom teach me something.

Most of the time we say, "I know," as knowledge but we never listen to the body's wisdom, but what the body knows is actually real, what the mind knows is a myth, a lie.

Because mind is a very tricky mechanism, tricky process. Mind can always create a confusion or a sense of, "Yes, this is the answer," but mind never gives you any answer.

But the body is the real one. The body knows better than the mind, or is much more intelligent than the mind.

So here in the yoga nidra process we allow the body to use its wisdom to bring us understanding and awareness. It's a very beautiful process. It's a very soft, almost a passive way of becoming free.

Can you explain what is yoga nidra?

Nidra means sleep. Actually the word is yogi nidra. Yogi is the one who is in the path of self realization. So when the yogi sleeps, even deep in the sleep he is aware.

Buddha used to say this in a very beautiful way: "When the whole world sleeps I am awake. When I sleep, I am awake."

That means that when everybody is sleeping they are sleeping unconsciously. Even when I'm sleeping something inside of me is awake, which never sleeps.

That state is what we call in the yoga nidra tradition as sushupti, a deep sleep. That is a sleep where you are aware.

So something is awake, something is aware of what's happening. It's not an unconscious state. That awareness is brought up in the process of yoga nidra.

We encourage that wakening, that awareness to stay alert, to stay awake. It doesn't go into a forgetfulness. We keep that awareness.

We conduct a sleep which is not the normal unconscious way of sleeping but a way of awaken sleep, with awareness.

That happens in yoga nidra.

So you offer meditation, yoga nidra, past life regression, transomatic dialogue therapy and then transformational enquiry.

Yes. Past life therapy is part of transomatic dialogue therapy which I studied at Osho's. Transomatic dialogue therapy is a big work. .

For example, let us say, something happened to you during childhood. Childhood means when you are a baby, a three months baby. That probably may have stayed inside of you and later on it has become a blockage.

Past life therapy doesn't deal with that. Past life therapy deal with the life before you took birth in this life. That is what past life therapy is called.

But, whatever has happened in this life, maybe early state of your life, when you were very small, how to deal with that?

Or even when you were in the womb of your mother, certain things happened. Whatever the mother goes through, as a fetus you observe everything. How to deal with that if it is a negative thing?

If your mother felt lonely, if your mother was angry, or felt some kind of fear, sadness. That goes into the baby, becomes part of the baby when the baby takes birth and you live that all your life. And you don't know how to deal with that.

So all of this is dealt with in the transomatic dialogue therapy.

So we go into past life, we work with the time period of nine months, gestation in the womb, and then after the birth whatever has happened.

We work all the area, that is the whole transomatic dialogue therapy.

And how does it work? Is it a process of hypnosis, is it a questions an answers dialogue?

It's a dialogue. I keep asking questions and you start experiencing it.

Few things happen. First, you see it. You see yourself as a baby, a new born baby, a six month baby, a one year little boy, a three year old toddler. You see yourself again

Literally you see yourself?

It's like, for example if I ask you to close your eyes and remember your face; you can remember your face. The same way, it comes with an image; visually.

Second thing, you relieve it. It's an actual happening now. It may have happened 20 years ago, but it's going to happen now, again.

Third thing you experience it.

So when these three happen you start to feel it as if it is happening now, so it becomes real to you. Then we keep going backwards, backwards and backwards until we reach the root of it, when it all began.

Only at the root, wherever the issue began, healing is possible.

So we examine that. What were the circumstances? What was the situation? Whatever had happened, what was your reaction and your perception? That is the problem. That can be changed.

For example, let us say you were a few weeks baby and you are in your house. Everything is going beautifully.

Then, as you are sleeping peacefully, happy in your innocence, suddenly a loud sound, a dog barking or something else suddenly comes up. It creates a fear inside of you.

That fear of this loud sound stays with you as a memory, as an experience, because it creates a shock for the body.

That fear, as you grow into the adult state, may continuously stay in you in the back of your mind, always there. What will happen if you hear a loud sound again?

So, you are always on guard, alert. That takes a lot of energy out of you. You cannot relax completely and when you cannot relax completely you cannot be free.

How to work with that? We start going back, and we go back to the moment when you hear the dog again. At that time the baby was alone, he did not know what to do.

Now, you as an adult, you can do something. We help the baby to stay calm, we help the baby to understand the situation.

The dog is just barking, nothing to worry about. The dog is protecting you, it is alerting somebody, something is happening.

Once the understanding is there in the baby, the baby can relax. Once the baby relaxes, as an adult you can relax. Forever that part of the trouble is gone, because in the root level we have changed it.

So, this is what we do here. It is very easy to say in a straight line, but when you actually sit for this work it goes into all sort of directions until we reach there, but once we reach there it takes two seconds to change.

And how can anybody remember these events when we were so young, as a little baby?

No, how can I remember is not a problem for me. What is preventing me from remembering, that's the problem, because the memory is always there. It is in the body, it is in the mind. Unconsciously.

Let us say this fear of the loud sound, as a two weeks baby when it came to you, locates somewhere in the body. Maybe it is in the lungs or maybe in the liver, or maybe in the throat.

So it creates a tightness there. It may not allow you to breath properly, or to speak properly. That body part is the one which is holding the memory, in the cellular memory.

So we make the memory of the throat to speak it out, or the lungs to speak it out, or the liver. Wherever it is, we allow that part of the body to speak using your voice.

So the body tells the story, because the body remembers everything: "This is what happened. This is how it happened. This is why this is here."

When the body part tells the story it becomes all very easy, and the most beautiful thing is that the body wants to speak. The unconscious wants to become unburden.

We, since we don't know how, we keep it under control, we manage. Everything in my body wants to be free but I don't know how, so I keep everything tight lid, and I continue to manage very well, but that is not enough, managing is not enough.

So bringing the memories is not difficult, only you just need to have an open mind and to try.

So you go to the past life regression when you don't see anything in this life.

The mind will take me there,

And when you do the past life regression, will you see the image of a past life

Yes, same.

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    1. Hi there, Yes I did! For me not much happened. I think it depends on your own current mental and emotional state. Many of my friends have had wonderful experiences doing the regressions with Kumar, or even just the yoga nidra, so don't let my experience dissuade you from doing it.