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Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy - Part 2

B. Naga Kumar. Mumuksha, Mysore

In this blog post we continue with the second part of the interview with B. Naga Kumar. We will find out if there are any dangers associated with past life healing therapy, how to proof that what we see is a real past life, and more. We will also learn a bit about Osho meditation techniques.

The purpose of this past life healing therapy and other therapies offered by B. Naga Kumar of Mumuksha, an Osho meditation teacher and therapist located in Mysore, are for the purpose of removing all sorts of physical, mental or emotional issues that are affecting our lives.

We discussed more about how it works on the first part of this interview. We also talked there a bit about Kumar's spiritual journey, what does Mumuksha stand for, what is yoga nidra and more.

If you haven't read yet the first part you can visit Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy - Part 1.

Freedom from Pain and Misery with Past Life Healing Therapy

An Interview with B. Naga Kumar, Meditation Teacher and Therapist
Part 2

Kumar at the entry of Mumuksha meditation hall

How can we know that these are actual events in a past life and not just a story created by our minds?

There is no way I can prove it. There is no way I can give you a guarantee, "This is real." But for me, I don't mind that.

The only thing I'm concerned with is, if the problem, whatever we started addressing by going to the let's say so called past life, if your problem is solved, if you are free from the problem. That's enough for me.

Even if making up stuff, even if imagining things helps me to be free from that problem, I'm ok with that.

The moment that I try to prove it to you and make you feel guaranteed that it is a real thing, then I'm not going into the process of healing but I've tried instead to convince you.

I'm not here to convince you that what you are seeing is real. The result will tell what is real or not.

If after working with me the problem still remains, what you saw is a lie. If after working with me you are free from the problem, I don't need to say anything.

So, I never go into the attempt of proving to anybody that it is real. I will fail. My job is to address the problem whoever comes, see where it comes from and let them decide if it works for them or not.

Wether you see the past life or not, you just want to be free from your problem. That's what matters. So if by imagining your problem it goes away, why not?

So I never go for the proof.

Can this process be dangerous, bringing all these issues from the unconscious to the conscious mind?

See, you are living it, every day you are living it. Whatever is the trauma, whatever is in the unconscious, bringing it to the conscious state makes you free.

Lets say for example, somebody has put a dagger in your back and you are walking around and you are feeling the pain, but you don't know what it is because it's in your back.

But when you come to me I put a mirror behind you and I show you and say, "Look, there is a dagger. Now give me your hand. I'll put your hand there and you can pull it out." Whats the danger there?

Now you know there was a dagger, that was the problem which you were experiencing. Now you put the dagger out, you heal the wound of the dagger and you become free from that.

That is actually a way of understanding things and becoming free from it.

But it can be used in a very unconscious way to traumatize you. If I don't take necessary care I can leave you traumatized.

Now, in my job we don't do that. We take every precaution to show you whatever was traumatic in a way that you don't get the intensity of it. We make you see from a distance.

It happened somebody murdered you, or you cut your throat. Now you are watching yourself cutting your throat. It can be traumatic if you just jump into that experience, but you see it as though it is not happening to you. So we make sure that it doesn't disturb you.

In my work, ten years of working so far, nobody has been traumatized.

And the person who is going through the therapy is he/she conscious all the time? Will she remember the whole process?

There is not a moment when one becomes unconscious. The person needs to know what has happened.

As I said, there was a knife behind you. You saw it, you saw who put it, you took it out and you healed yourself. So you will know everything.

We all have so many unconscious past traumas. Is there an end to it? Do we have to continue going through these therapies indefinitely? How do we know that we have finally healed?

No. See, the thing is, when you say I am free from the problem, that is what we are looking for.

Let us say somebody comes to the therapist seeking for help for a physical problem. Somebody comes and says, "I have a severe lower back pain. I want to be free from that pain, I want my back to be healthy and normal."

We start working on that. Maybe it will take like two sessions, three sessions or four. The back pain has to be taken out of the person. The person should be free from the back pain.

If after making five attempts the pain doesn't go we stop it, you are wasting time. Don't go to the therapist anymore.

If you are working with me I'll say, "That's it." If after five sessions your back is still troubling you I'm just wasting your time. So that is the work we stand for.

When I was studying this, my teacher was telling me if you cannot help the person heal themselves within a short period of time you stop working.

So this is where we stand. I'm not interested in working with somebody for years.

If any problem you have, it doesn't matter what, if I cannot help you find the root of it and help you to become free from it in a short period of time I'm not a therapist, I'm just wasting your time.

At the same time I also like to say one more thing.

There is a responsibility of the one who is receiving the therapy to also participate in a very intelligent way. It is not that, "Oh, you fix me, I'll just give you money."

No, You have to take the responsibility. You have to experience it. You have to participate wholeheartedly.

So 50% of my energy is put there, 50% of the receiver energy is put there. We both work together as a team, and then we go towards the goal, freedom.

So is not me doing it. My job is to say from point A to point B this is the map, but they have to walk. I cannot walk for them. I only show the map. I can hold the map and walk with them but I cannot walk for them.

If they are willing to walk, yes you definitely reach the destination. So that way, there is always and end and the end will be a very beautiful one, you will reach the freedom, but you have to take the responsibility.

If the person takes the responsibility I sit there with my determination to work. Don't put all the responsibility in me because I did not create the problem in the receiver, all those who suffer.

If they get headaches every now and then, I'm not the responsible for the headache, I did not create it. They have created it for themselves.

Now I'm going to show them how they have created these problems. This is the way to become free. They have to work for it. Then it works.

But a headache might be just one problem. The person might have so many other different problems...

See, one thing that happens with this work is that you start to realize slowly, slowly: "I am the creator of my problems." When this awareness start to come in, you can also stop creating new problems. Now we can become aware.

I've lived unconsciously. Because of my unconscious way of living I have created problems for the past. Now, first thing I need to do is to start living consciously, with awareness.

When I start living consciously I will not create any more problems. And then, since I am responsible, I know I have created the problems because of my own unconscious nature.

This awareness naturally takes you towards meditation.

When you meditate the awareness increases, the awareness becomes strengthen and with that awareness the problems just disappear.

So we don't have to depend on the therapist for an eternity. Will you be going to the therapist until you are 99? No. When the awareness starts to grow, that awareness is all which is needed.

You don't need to keep going to a therapist if you have awareness. Since right now, in the beginning, we don't know how, we need this little help there. That's all.

Tomorrow, if the therapist is not there, what will happen to humanity? No, that should not be the story. Everybody should be in their power to heal themselves. And, where does the power comes from? Through meditation, by broadening the awareness, that's all it takes.

Here the lesson is to say, "Yes, I created these problems." Once I know it, I can stop it.

When I know that if I become angry with you that anger disturbs me, if I know that as an experience, I'll be careful.

If I know the destructive power of the anger, whenever a situation comes where I'd normally become angry, I can say, "No I don't want it." Then I can be free. That helps

So when somebody comes for a therapy their awareness starts to develop and through that awareness they can start to solve all their problems, not just the problem that they came for, so they don't need to keep coming again and again?

Yes. The problems start to disappear, because the problems are only there to tell me that I am unconscious.

The moment that I become conscious there are no more problems. Buddhas don't have problems, because they are conscious, they are awake.

We have problems because we are sleeping, unconscious. No need of any therapy if you are meditating. If the meditation is happening, that's the right way of saying it.

There are many people who are attempting meditation but it is not happening. If the meditation is happening no need of any therapy.

Sometimes these therapies will help you to remove the blockages which are preventing you from going into the meditation. That work this therapy does. It removes the blockages from our meditation, but awareness comes through meditation.

If buddha nature, enlightenment, if you are looking for that, only meditation will take you there, not therapy. But the therapy, to a large extent, will help you to remove the blockages.

Because I have a cough I cannot sit for meditation. But I can work with the cough. This therapy can help you become free from the cough.

You cannot be still, you are so fidgeting. This therapy can help you to be still. That fidgeting, that restlessness will be taken out so you can stay calm. That much this does.

Then you go into meditation. And once you meditate you don't need anything else.

That's what we look at in this therapy. I'm not the ultimate ticket for enlightenment. I cannot be. But this therapy is only to help you to sit down for meditation. Then the meditation will take you further.

Which kind of meditation are you referring to?

It can be any process where you have to be in a meditative state.

It can be going for a walk, or it can be dancing, or it can be talking to your friend. Or it can be just watching the stars. Anything. If you are in a state of meditation that's it.

Sitting down with the eyes closed is not the only way of meditating. That is only introduction for meditation. It's only a temporary way. But once it actually happens, you are in meditation all the time, there is no break. That's how it should be.

Can you tell us a bit about the Osho's meditations?

Osho's meditation world is a big world. He has created many many techniques considering the modern man, because many of the techniques which we have were created some time ago, maybe hundreds of years ago, or thousands of years ago.

At that time human life was simpler, less complicated. Now, as we have come to that modernization or what we call civilization to the present world we are much more complex than the ancient lifestyle.

This complexity has created much more problems. At the same time old techniques are not that effective. That's why people who has practiced so much for such a long time feel that nothing is happening.

So, Osho looked into all of this and said, "ok this is not working in that speed," so he created newer techniques, what the modern human needs. He designed it for us, he gave it to us. So practicing this will actually works for us because it is designed only for us

If thousand years later somebody uses Osho's techniques they may not work then. It is for the present world. So this works better.

Wether it could be the active meditation he has created, or the passive meditation he has created. It could be any of that. Is for the modern lifestyle.

In the active mediation there is movement, there is music supporting the meditation, sometimes catharsis, sometimes vigorous movement,

Some others are very passive, sitting down, shutting eyes closed.

These movement meditations, cathartic meditations (cathartic means throwing out, unburdening), these expressive meditations are necessary first to work on that mind surface, because there is so much unwanted stuff there, in the mind.

We need to clean that part, then you can allow yourself to sit down.

Right now if I sit down and close my eyes I'll start daydreaming. Thoughts will be there, plans will be happening, confusions will be there. So much of energy is spent on the mind.

But if I do all these expressions of all these unwanted things, then when the mind relaxes, then I can sit down. Then the passive techniques work better.

That's why Osho created all these expressive cathartic processes. They work really well.

Is there something like breath awareness and mantra repetition in Osho's meditation?

No, in Osho's meditation there are no mantras because he did not wanted to create something that could become a habit. So he never gave mantras to anybody, he is not working in that area.

But he worked with the breath, a lot with breath. So many therapies created out of the breath, so many techniques of meditation created out of the breath.

He also used Buddha's vipassana technique, a lot.

What kind of trainings are you offering here in Mumuksha

I offer past life therapy trainings. Right now that's the only training I'm offering.

What about transomatic dialogue therapy?

No, I'm not... strong enough or... I don't have the necessary capacity to teach that. I'm not ready yet to teach that.

Transomatic dialogue therapy is a bit of a complex work. I don't have the confidence to teach it or I'm not ready yet. Maybe one day I might.

As a therapist I can work, this is my work, but as a teacher I don't teach that yet.

Can anybody come for a therapy with you at any time? When are you working here in Mysore?

All year long. As long as I am in Mysore, I'm available. If I'm traveling, if I'm not in Mysore of course I'm not working then, but whenever I'm in Mysore I'm available.

I know you like silence and solitude. How do you deal with that while you are working here in Gokulam which can be very active district in Mysore during the high season?

I have no problem with that because I live outside Mysore, in a village. 15km from Mysore city there is a small village. Even I live outside the main village. I have a very small farm.

I have my own house there. It's very quiet, nobody is there. I grow my own food. I have my own cow. I have my family there.

Evening time I finish my work and I go home. It's 20 minutes drive, not a problem at all, easy. From Gokulam it is 12 km.

Maybe next time when you are here I can take you to see where I live. You would love to be there. It's a very beautiful place, very quiet.

On one side we have sugar cane, on this other side there is open space, in front there are coconut trees. Quiet, and we have a lots of birds and animals just around. So it's a nice place to live.

That is my sanctuary to rest, relax, recharge and come back here to work.

You go by car or by motorbike?

I have a motorbike and I have a car. If I'm going with my family I go by car. If I'm alone I go by bike.

I like my motorbike. I have driven it so much. I love it. That's the best part. I have a very very old motorbike. It's my best friend.

Kumar next to Osho's photo

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