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8 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Surf and Yoga Retreat in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Picture this: sunny hot weather, paradise beaches, perfect surfing waves for all levels, great food and yoga every day. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, you can experience all this during this summer on my next surf and yoga retreat in Arugam Bay, a top surf destination in Sri Lanka.

I have dreamed about this surf and yoga holiday week since the very first time that I visited Arugam Bay, back in 2014. Pretty much as soon as I arrived I thought, "I have to host a surf and yoga retreat here!"

The people are super friendly, the beaches are fantastic, the waves are perfect for beginners, and if you like a really hot summer during your holidays, then this is the place to be.

So now is the time to make this dream a reality, and I want to share this dream with you. My motivation is simply to share what I'm passionate about: surfing and yoga in Arugam Bay, a surf paradise in Sri Lanka.

We haven't met before? That's not a problem. You can visit my about me page to get a little introduction, and here is what others are saying about my yoga classes and previous retreats:

"Marco is one of the best yoga teachers that I've ever met (if not the best)! I have attended both his Hatha and Pranayama classes for 1 week and wish I could've done more! Also, I was delighted by his meditation teachings, I am new to meditation and I've learned so much with him. I really hope I can have a chance to attend his classes again wherever possible. Thanks Marco for the amazing classes!!!" Camilla, Brazil

"Marco is such a charismatic person and a wonderful teacher!!! I did a retreat in Siem Reap with him and I am so grateful for his teachings. Both the yoga and pranayama classes were very high quality- I keep practising the breathwork sequence and I love it!! He is so knowledgeable and I really hope I will get to practice with him again in the future! Thank you for your light, Namaste Ji!" Elena, Greece.

You can read more reviews in my Facebook page @MarcoPinoYoga

Are you convinced? Then you can simply contact me by email to confirm your bookings, or for any inquiries. If you are not sure yet then please keep reading further.

8 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Why Surf and Yoga?

Surf and Yoga form a beautiful combination for inner and outer expression, for harmony within and harmony outside, reconnecting with ourselves and reconnecting with nature, while at the same time giving us the chance to strengthen our bodies and our minds.

I wrote before in How Surfing and Yoga Help to Build a Strong Body and Mind:

"Every surf session is like a mental toughness training session for me, and I'm all about mental training. As a matter of fact, yoga is not just physical training. Yoga is, above all, mental training.

Although surfing is a very physical sport most of my energy goes into trying to remain calm, focused and to feel confident. The more confident you are the more waves you can catch and the better you can surf.

If you want to improve your surfing skills you need to develop your self confidence, and by improving your surfing your self confidence also goes up. It's a self-reinforcing cycle."

You can read more about how surfing and yoga complement each other in some of my previous blog posts:

Who is this Surf and Yoga Holiday for?

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced surfer or yogi, if you want to have a great time developing new skills while hanging out with like minded people in a beautiful location then this retreat is just for you.

Not just holidays

Of course, this is not just going to be a super fun week of surf and yoga but you will also learn how to use your mind to improve your surfing skills via visualization techniques, and how to deal with challenging emotions using your breath and simple mindfulness practices.

All really valuable skills that you can bring back home with you to use at any time.

Surfing in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, located on the South-East coast of Sri Lanka, is one of the top surf destinations around the world, and the best place to surf in Sri Lanka during the season time.

There are waves for all levels, and since almost all the surf spots are point breaks with no reefs or rocks but rather sand bottom, they are perfect for beginner surfers.

You can read more about Arugam Bay in my previous post: Arugam Bay Travel Guide - Top Surf Destination in Sri Lanka

The surf lessons

I have teamed up with an excellent local surf teacher for this surf and yoga week. The locals are incredible good at surfing so you have nothing to worry about, you'll be in good hands. He will make sure you have an outstanding experience.


Surf and Yoga Retreat in Arugam Bay

I'll be your host and your yoga teacher. Like I've mentioned in my about me page, I teach classical hatha yoga with emphasis on breath awareness, paying attention to the inner feelings, state of mind and body sensations to keep the mind focused and present.

I like to combine my interest in strength training and meditation to teach a meditative class but physically challenging to develop core strength, endurance and stamina.

During our yoga sessions we will focus on preparing the body and mind for surfing, and also on releasing tension in trouble areas after surfing like the shoulders and hips, but always keeping in mind the real aim of hatha yoga: to purify the body and mind so that they become fit for the practice of meditation.

And no worries, no flexibility or previous yoga experience is required. The classes will be tailored to the level of the whole group and individuals.

Location and facilities

I have partnered with The Danish Villa, a beautiful hotel in Arugam Bay. We have a villa with four rooms and a garden bungalow with two rooms. In total only six rooms. This means that it will be an intimate small group, ideal for a surf and yoga retreat.

The resort is located in the heart of Arugam Bay, but away from the bars or party places, and it's just about 200 meters from the beach. And since there is a long entry to the villa, it is still pretty quiet and peaceful.

Surf and Yoga Retreat Accommodation

Surf and Yoga Retreat Villa Living Room

Surf and Yoga Retreat Villa Living Room

Surf and Yoga Retreat Villa Bedroom
Villa bedroom

Yoga Retreat Master Bedroom
Villa master bedroom

Surf Yoga Retreat Garden Bungalows
Garden bungalows

Surf Yoga Retreat Garden Bungalow
Bedroom garden bungalow

Surf and Yoga Retreat Villa Entry

Daily Schedule

07:00 to 08:15 Morning yoga session
08:30 to 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 to 12:00 Surf Class
12:00 to 13:00 Lunch
16:00 to 17:15 Evening yoga session
19:30 to 20:00 Dinner

Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions or to incorporate other activities.

What's included in the package?

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Sri Lankan and Western style breakfast
  • 6 yoga classes
  • 6 surf classes including surfboard

Lunch and dinner are not included but there are plenty of restaurants nearby where we will get some delicious food.


During June and September
  • The third week of June, starting on the 18 of June ending on the 25th of June (arrival day, 18 of June; departure day, 25th of June). In total this will be a 8 days/7 nights Surf and Yoga Week.
  • The first week of September, starting on the 3rd of September ending on the 10th (arrival day, 3rd of September; departure day, 10th of September). In total this will be a 8 days/7 nights Surf and Yoga Week.
You can visit the retreat Facebook Event and hit on "interested" to stay informed about any updates. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends

Surf and Yoga Holiday Week Rates

Rates per week, per person (8 days/7 nights)

  • Single room: EUR 514
  • Double room (price per person): EUR 430
  • Single master room: EUR 542
  • Double master room: (price per person): EUR 445

    Garden Bungalow
  • Single room: EUR 570
  • Double room (price per person): EUR 460

All rooms include AC and a ceiling fan.

Early bird discount! My email subscribers get a 10% discount when booking before end of March 2018. If you've been in a previous retreat with me then you get a 12% discount when booking before end of March 2018. If you are not on my email list yet you can subscribe right here.

Note: Does not include travel insurance, flight ticket, airport pickup, transport from and to the surf breaks, or any additional travel costs. The resort can arrange a private transport to/from the airport at an extra cost.

How do I sign up?

You can contact me by email or via my Facebook Page @marcopinoyoga to confirm your booking or for any enquiries. Once I receive a 25% non-refundable deposit your booking will be confirmed. The 75% difference will need to be paid by May 31st.

I'm really looking forward to share this experience with you and to get the chance to surf and to practice yoga together during this Surf and Yoga Retreat in Arugam Bay.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at any time, and if your friends are interested, well then, bring them along. That would be more fun. And btw, thanks for sharing this event with anybody else that you think might be interested.

I leave you with my vlog 003 which I published in In this vlog I share a bit of my journey from Unawatuna to Arugam Bay, and I walk you around this small resort where we will have this surf and yoga retreat in June.


  1. This retreat looks great ! Well done Marco.

    1. Thank you Niv! Nice to hear from you :-) Take care man. Btw, I think I'll be in India from September onwards. Will you be around?