Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kovalam Beach

From Mamallapuram to Kovalam Beach...... that was a looong journey! I took a local packed bus from Mamallapuram to Pondicherry, then an overnight bus from Pondicherry to Bangalore, from Bangalore an overnight train to Trivandrum and from Trivandrum a local bus to Kovalam Beach.

In total it took me about 50 hours to reach one of my favorite places in India, and I stayed for about one month there enjoying the sun, the beach, the delicious vegetarian food, and seafood. But it was not just a pleasure trip, the purpose was to focus on my own personal practice. I was practicing meditation and hatha yoga twice a day in my balcony with sea view ;-)

Kovalam is so charming, relatively clean and special, very different to Mamallapuram.

The seawater is crystal clear (depending on the season) but it changes constantly.  Some days the sea is completely calm and some days there are some huge waves.

And the seafood..... ohhhh yeah the seafood is soooooo good. It doesn't matter where you go all the restaurants have excellent seafood. There are two main restaurants that offer a more gourmet food, Fusion, and The German Bakery.

I prefer Fusion since I didn't like the service at the German Bakery but the food is good in both places. I can recommend the non-alcoholic cocktails, the cucumber juice and the seafood salad at Fusion.

And although it is a very touristic place it still feels very Indian to me, especially when you see the local fisherman going fishing early in the morning. Some days I would join them to help pulling the fishing net. While pulling the net they sing some kind of song, that would make me feel almost like in a trance.

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