Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to business!

Ok, it was about time to update my blog. So what have I been doing since my last update two months ago? After Mamallapuram I went straight to Kovalam Beach and spend a whole month there. "A whole month??!!!" Yeah that's right, I love the beach and I had a nice room with sea view and with a big balcony for only 300 rupees, that's cheap for Kovalam Beach. I spend my days reading, practicing meditation and hatha yoga in the balcony and enjoying the beach. In between I made a short trip to Neyyar Dam for a pre-ashram experience at the Sivananda Ashram for four days with a visit to the Lion Safari in the Neyyar Dam reserve, then a trip to Allapey for a romantic backwater housboat trip ;-) then a couple of days visit to Cochin to see the kathakali performance and then back to Kovalam Beach.

The backwaters

After these lazy days, on November 14, I went back to the Sivananda Ashram to join the one month Teachers Training Course. That was an intense experience. Then right after I went to the famous Amma's Ashram for 6 days but before I spend one night at Varkala Beach to have a small "ashram" break and to hang out with my new "TTC" friends :-). The experience at Amma's Ashram was completely different compared to the Sivananda Ashram.

And then I made another break. I took a flight and crossed the whole world to reach New York City to spend Christmass and New Year with my family. That was a big change, from 30 degrees (Celsius) to -5 degrees, from God's Own Country (Kerala) to the Capital of consumption and fast life, from spirituality to materialism and guess what.... I really enjoyed it :-) Of course I had a great time with my family and meeting old friends.

But now I'm back to business :-), back to India! The 9th of January I will start another training at the Sivananda Ashram but this time in its Madurai center. I will join the Sadhana Intensive (10 days of intensive hatha yoga and pranayamas practices) followed by one more month to do the Advance Teachers Training Course. And this one will be more intense than the TTC! But to be honest I'm not really a fan of the Sivananda style and I wonder if these trainings will really satisfy me and if it is really worth to pay what I have to pay for them (they are veeeery expensive) but I won't change my mind now. I will just go for it and see how it goes :-)

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